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CaLLogix Counts on TAC Worlwide Solutions for HMO Call Center.

DEDHAM, Mass.-- The Contact Center Solutions business of TAC Worldwide has been selected by CaLLogix to provide Talent Acquisition support for its new state-of-the-art contact center.

CaLLogix, a customized call center solutions company, will be responsible for ensuring the same high level of customer care and quality that its prestigious national HMO client has established over the years. CaLLogix chose TAC’s Contact Center Solutions because of its track record and experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Contact Center solutions.

“What impresses us about TAC’s Contact Center Solutions is its dedication to exclusively staffing contact center environments,” says Jerry Confer, president of CaLLogix. “Everyone from the team’s leadership to its recruiters come from a contact center background so they understand the intricacies of staffing a customized contact center to meet our specific needs and those of our client. We can count on TAC to hire the experienced professionals that will meet the standards of service this important client requires.”

“To effectively provide high quality Contact Center Solutions we believe you need a dedicated operation. The TAC Contact Center team’s only focus is contact center sourcing, management, screening and recruiting and that allows us to find the best qualified and most committed candidates for the job,” adds David A. Rosi, senior vice president of Market & Client Service Development for TAC Worldwide. “Letting us manage the contact center recruitment and assessment will allow CaLLogix to focus on its core business, ensuring success for CaLLogix and the clients they serve.”

Following a two-to-three week training program, the CaLLogix contact center will go live on Dec. 1. The mission: to manage incoming calls from HMO members regarding health plan administration and maintenance. The CaLLogix HMO contact center team will be staffed by TAC and will be held to stringent standards for high quality, speed, efficiency and call assessment to ensure seamless and transparent service to HMO members.

International Contact Center Management

N.H. Call Center Helps Hurricane Victims

Receive Atlanta Red Cross Aid

MANCHESTER, N.H. ¾ The call center that handles orders for New England Patriots apparel and memorabilia after big Super Bowl wins has been tapped to answer the calls of people seeking food and shelter in Atlanta following the devastating destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

With large numbers of people who fled the fury of the hurricane and its devastation now in Georgia, the Atlanta chapter of the American Red Cross has been overwhelmed with calls for assistance. Since Wednesday, CaLLogix, a call center in this New England city far from the hurricane's destruction, has been answering the desperate calls of more than 2,000 people a day.

Since the company was first contacted by the Atlanta Red Cross on Tuesday, CaLLogix has hired 20 people to answer calls around the clock from hurricane victims seeking to locate loved ones, food, clothing, housing, medications and FEMA-issued financial assistance. The company is looking to hire another 20 to 30 people to handle an expected 3,000-4,000 calls daily over the next few weeks.

Jerry Confer, president and CEO of CaLLogix has even hired those affected most directly by the tragedy. "Just this morning a woman applied to work in the call center who lives in New Orleans and is now displaced, relocated to New Hampshire; all I could do is tell her how happy I was she was here and that of course we had a job for her."

"People in hurricane-ravaged areas are in desperate situations. Answering the calls of these people and directing them to where they can find help is one way people in this area can help those affected by the hurricane," says Confer.

The company's core business is inbound customer care for clients around the country. Confer says the work is entirely different when they are dealing with life-affecting situations like this one.

To meet the sudden increased demand for the company's services, he contacted area social service agencies and local high schools and colleges to find people interested in working at the call center. Some were hired on the spot and began training immediately.

The work is both rewarding and challenging. Part of the two-and-a-half-hour training program is devoted to making new hires sensitive to the mindset and situation of these people who may have lost everything, including family, and who are in tremendous need of help.

"One woman was desperate to find food for her children, who hadn't eaten in three days," relates Jamie, a CaLLogix employee who worked her shift and then stayed until midnight on Wednesday to help handle the influx of calls. "Sometimes food runs out at a shelter and we have to tell people they have to wait until the next day to get food. It's very difficult."

"You try to block out your emotions and then you'll get that one call that breaks your heart," adds Carrie, another CaLLogix employee who has been taking Red Cross calls. "One woman didn't know what to do. She had no car, no house, no family. Sometimes you want to go into tears for these people because their situations are so desperate."

While some are calling for help, others are calling with offers of assistance. Some people have a spare room to share and others are interested in taking in a family. All the information is logged in at the call center and shared with the closest Atlanta area Red Cross service center.

"We're really the front line," says Confer. "We give the Red Cross information about what people are encountering and they get back to us with updated information. We're e-mailing back and forth all day long."

Ironically, the devastation that has caused the loss of homes and jobs for thousands of people in the Gulf Coast area has provided job opportunities in this city many miles away. "If people want to help others who have been deeply affected by the hurricane but they don't have money to send, they can use their time to help them and, at the same time, help support themselves," says Confer. "Helping these people who are in such dire straits is time well spent."

For more information about CaLLogix, call 800-888-3188.


CaLLogix Inc purchases

Abacus Communications'

Manchester N.H. contact center.

[MANCHESTER, NH] Effective May 1, 2005 CaLLogix, Inc. ("CaLLogix") purchased the assets of Abacus Communications' Manchester, NH contact center operations. The Manchester location employs 150 people, and serves over 1500 clients throughout the United States. All of the current employees will be retained. CaLLogix is one of the largest private employers in the Manchester area.

CaLLogix provides outsourced services 24 hours/7days per week to four major market segments. They include outsourced customer service for credit unions, inbound order entry for catalog and direct marketing companies, seminar registration and telephone answering services for property management companies, school districts, doctors, dentists, electricians, plumbers, etc.

CaLLogix was formed in January 2005 by its President and CEO, Jerry Confer, specifically to purchase the assets of Abacus Communications. CaLLogix's management team plans to use this acquisition as a "platform company" to organically grow the Manchester operation to 300 employees and to look for similar contact center operations as potential acquisition candidates. CaLLogix obtained equity financing from Landmark Growth Capital Partners ("LGCP"), a private equity investment fund located in Boston, MA. LGCP is a dedicated group within the larger umbrella of Landmark Partners, a diversified private equity firm, located in Simsbury, CT, that has raised in excess of $4.5 billion of investor capital. In addition, CaLLogix has established a banking relationship with Sovereign Bank in Manchester.

"We are very pleased and excited about opportunities that this acquisition presents. Our very capable and committed employees have provided outstanding customer service to our very satisfied customer base. This provides a solid foundation to grow the business and create job opportunities for many people in the Manchester, Nashua and Concord area. We are confident in our ability to grow the business from its current 150 employees to around 300 over the next few years," stated Mr. Confer.

"I am always happy to welcome a new business to Manchester, especially one that is committed to acquiring a current business within the city with the goal of expanding jobs," said Mayor Robert Baines. "I applaud CaLLogix for its dedication to its employees and the City of Manchester."


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