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”You guys rock! Thank you so much for ten years of excellent service!“
Attorney Richard Solomon

”Our business performance is measured largely by how well we provide service to our customers, who are our 2000 tenants… we are quite pleased with the competence of the CaLLogix staff…our fine reputation in no small measure includes your role in handling the myriad of after-hours issues which come before you.“
Paul Stewart
Stewart Property Management


”We very consistently feel that CaLLogix does a great job covering our phones when we are closed. You handle customers who are distraught or nervous or even angry… Your staff is always pleasant and they take clear messages. In a world where so much is done by impersonal automated systems, you represent a breath of fresh air to a business or customer.“
Christine Fletcher
Secondwind Water Systems, Inc


”...Knowing when to contact one of our managers to resolve a sensitive issue or determining the need for response for emergency services requires constant training and a capable supervisory staff. I want to thank your customer service staff for their prompt attention and excellent communication skills in resolving any issues that we have had… We look forward to continuing our business relationship as we grow our business.“
John W. Miller
Executive Vice President
EnergyUSA Propane


”You are the voice of Agfa from 8pm to 8am 365 days a year. I can tell you that the image you present to our customers is professional, articulate and caring... At Agfa we have a little slogan "think customer, act customer". This is what we feel when we work with the CaLLogix team. We are proud to have you representing Agfa to our customers.“
Bill Quinn
Manager, Technical Assistance Center


”We, at HMR, pride ourselves in offering quality service to all of our customers at any time of the day. Callogix has consistently provided this service for us for the past 8 years with dependability and professionalism. There is comfort and security in knowing that Callogix is there for our clients. Their service representatives are attentive and competent and the staff at Callogix is very accommodating and easy to work with. Callogix has earned our trust and is a pleasure to do business with.“
Kim Gambardella

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