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Services Overview
CaLLogix provides customized programs to meet the needs of our diverse client base. In every case, our account management team works with the client to develop hiring requirements, a training curriculum, service level requirements, quality assurance guidelines, reporting specifications, day-to-day communication procedures, and more. In this way, we ensure that our clients receive optimum service.

CaLLogix's four primary service categories include:
  • Inbound Services:
    We have proven expertise in several application-specific markets. They include:
      - Financial services
      - Order entry services
      - Outsourced customer care
  • Outbound Services
      - Reminder/Wakeup Calls
      - Appointment scheduling
      - New Product introduction
      - Direct Mail
      - Ensure Customer satisfaction

  • E-Commerce Services
      - Financial Services
      - Online Marketplace

  • Dedicated Services
      - Let us create a dedicated or semi-dedicated team to provide services to your customers.
In many cases, our clients rely on us to take total responsibility for the administration of a program. -We also provide overflow and after normal business hours coverage.

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